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Television Productions 
- Drama/Teleplay 
- Music Videos 
Writing and Directing 
Producer/Production Support 
Experienced Crews 
Award Winning Editors 
State-of-the-art hardware and software tools 
Independent Films 
Reality Shows 
Promotional Events

- Concerts
- Parties
- Corporate Events 
Web Development
- Design
- Maintenance 

We do digital video productions in any format. We are specialized in producing short film, teleplay, video film, documentary, music video, TV commercial. Through our strategic partner WebGrids Multi-Media, we also offer Web design, development, graphic design and multimedia animation and create ad, logo, flyer, poster, cd/dvd for your business clients.

LIGHTS! CAMERA! ACTION! Chicago Bioscope can provide you with it all. Currently we provide full package of video production, and just only one call away with full gear. We have state-of-the-art video production equipments, which includes Beta SP and Digital Beta cam camcorders, monitors, lights, tripods and a selection of specialty support equipments including fiber optic lenses, periscope lens, baby boom, teleprompters, and many more. 

We believe, to keep the audience engaged, a production should have some sort of variety. That's something we keep in mind when we do editing. In every productions, a good editing is nothing but style and craft. Proper use of sound, flow of images and speed can enhance the quality of a production, which Chicago Bioscope strictly follows as a 'rule of thumb' in every productions.

We've compiled a creative cut, state-of-the-art editing team to bring the talent, speed and experience in each and every editing projects with tradition of excellence.

We just don't shoot, we create.  We make drama for life.

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