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Pre Production
"Well, if preproduction goes well, I am pretty much not very busy during production, and that is the ideal. Preproduction periods tend to be intensely geared toward organizing every single day as much as possible, all with an eye toward figuring out if our days are that organized, we'll be able to have a little time left."

"Production - it's like going to war. You're dealing with a group of people that's like the size of a platoon. Everybody knows what they have to do. You get in, you get out, you make home wherever it is. You have to deal with what the situation throws you, and it's very stressful, and you can't sleep at night. And the more involved you are with the outcome of it, the more twisted you are inside.

Post Production
"Postproduction is more expensive than most filmmaker's realize. I would say that if somebody had a choice of having enough money to get the movie in the can, but they're going to have to spend a lot more time trying to raise the rest of the money, so should I wait, or should I go? . . . I think most people are going to say, "Let's go." And whether that's right or wrong, I think that's an impulse to not wait until all the moons are perfectly aligned because they could get into a situation where they could never [be]."

Articles and information about what to do after you finish your film. From studio distribution to the film festival circuit, there are a lot of potential ways for your independent film to reach its audience. And once it does, there is much advice to be had on how to market, publicize and promote your film. Read how others have made it happen.

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