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Working with Actors
Working with actors can be a totally satisfying or a completely devastating experience. There are no rules that apply universally, so you have to go through the experience to learn how to handle them and get the most out of them.

Casting a Film
Casting is not an easy task, to start with, casting for most films can be broken down into three categories. Principal players, secondary players and extras. There are similarities in the ways one goes about casting for each category, but there are also differences. These are the building blocks, so you have to be very careful when making these decisions.

Union Issues
The term "Union" and "Non-union" when applied to motion picture production, refer to whether or not the producer has signed a labor agreement governing below-the-line personnel in all categories, except transportation. 

Location Scouting and Management
The location manager, usually working with an assistant, is responsible for scouting locations and recommending suitable sites for production, for securing any permits and/or related paperwork necessary for the use of selected locations etc.

Sound Crew and Equipment
Many producers and directors do not know much about sound. They judge a production mixer's work in the dailies, and if it does not sound like a finished movie, the naive assumption is that there is something wrong.

The Director of Photography also known as the Cinematographer, is responsible to the director for achieving optimum photographic images for the film. 

Set Operations Staff and Equipment
The Production Designer is accountable to get the desired results from the set construction staff, that work on the set and the props. These are the people who create authentic past/present/future eras in the confines of a studio.

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