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Obtaining a Script and Rights
Stories for screenplays can often be found in our own lives, in the lives of our family and friends. These are stories that have made national news and they are usually bid on by several producers simultaneously. 

Script Development
There is lots that should be kept in mind while the script is being developed, for e.g. if a fixed budget is established prior to starting the script, the producer must guide the writer in such a way as to ensure that the finished script is molded to fit the budget.

The Role of the Producer
No job in Hollywood is misunderstood more than the producer. This is partly because the role a producer plays varies from film to film.

Film Financing
Obtaining financing is often the most difficult part of making a film. Regardless of how you go about raising money, be certain that you are fully prepared to convince investors of the merits of your project before you walk in the door.

Creating A Budget
One hears all the time about pictures going over budget or over schedule. The production company blames the producer, who is turn blames the director, or the star or the cinematographer. Without question there are cases where these people contribute to the problem, but that does not come close to explaining why so many productions go over budget or over schedule. 

Working with Designers
The Production designer works closely with the Director and the Director of Photography to establish the "look" of the film. He is also responsible for planning and supervising the overall visual appeal of the movie.

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