(Writer/Director/Producer) – Farhad Hossain began his career in the visual medium in 2003, as an Assistant Director and Associate Producer with a Kansas based Bangladeshi video production company R&R V2000 Production. Since then, he has worked as Screenwriter, Director, and Producer and in several productions oriented activities including feature films, documentaries, music videos, television series, television drama and commercials. Farhad has worked extensively in the independent film industry in the United States as a Bangladeshi-American film maker.

After his training in the Film Directing from the prestigious Chicago Filmmakers, Farhad formed his own production entity Chicago Bioscope and worked in collaboration with American mainstream casts and crews combined with Bangladeshi major actors and directors such as Humayun Faridee, Shahiduzzaman Selim and many others. One of Farhad's early scripts, "Till the Last Day" written while he was in the Digital Movie Making program at the Chicago Filmmakers and the part of the script was selected for school project. He has been writing screenplays for all of the Chicago Bioscope’s productions being made since its inception. The major productions those have been produced are “Ekjon Ajmol Hossain-His Dream, His Nightmare”, “Abinashi Shodorashi-Undying Series of Words”, “Mixed Culture” and “Dinner for Two” are written, produced and co-directed by Farhad.

Farhad is dividing his time between his career as a Freelance Writter/Director and as the Creative Head of Chicago Bioscope. In between Farhad also acquired an MS in Information Systems and worked as an Application Development Manager for several years, both at J.S Paluch Company and Accenture. Farhad recently has written a screenplay based on Toronto based novelist Salma Bani’s award winning novel ‘Nindito Uttoron, which has been accepted by Canadian Film Office for funding.

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