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Become a Partner with Chicago Bioscope

If you are interested in partnering with Chicago Bioscope to form a strategic alliance and associated with us, please call (773) 575-4296 or email us.

Our Business Partners and Associates:

Dream Factory Dream Factory, Ltd

Suprioti Innovations
Suprioti Innovations, Inc.
Mississauga, ON. Canada

Deshi TV

Deshi Telivision
Mississauga, ON. Canada

Bangladesh Film Festival
Bangladesh Film Festival, USA
Dallas, TX
R&R V2000 Productions R&R V2000 Productions
Topeka, KS
Deshi Music Deshi Music
New York, NY

bDesh Entertainment
bDesh Entertainment and Productions
Boca Raton, FL
Our Media Partners:
Weekly Thikana Weekly Thikana
New York, NY

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