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  ATN Bangla is a Bengali language digital cable television channel. The channel offers a wide variety of programming including news, movies, dramas, talk shows, and more. One of its programs, Amrao pari (We, too, Can), won an Emmy award at the 32nd Academy of Television Arts and Science Awards in 2002.
  Banglavision may be a new channel, but it intends to play a positive and large role in building the nation through healthy entertainment. Talk shows, dramas, feature films, and 8 Bangla and 1 English News bulletin are among just a few of the programs!
  Boishakhi tv is a 24-hour information and entertainment channel, addressed to the Bangla-speaking communities throughout the Middle East, Europe and Asia. 
  Channel i is the highly-acclaimed Bangladesh channel that offers quality educational and entertainment content. Its well-received programming includes local Bangladesh news, dramas, movies, English films, magazine programs and documentaries. Channel i is the ideal source of entertainment and information for the entire family.
  NTV Bangla is a leading Bangladeshi TV channel. Enjoy an enticing palate of top quality programs ranging from news, entertainment, popular drama serials, musical programs, movies, documentaries, children programs to cultural programs and much more!
Launched on September 16th, 2004, in the US, NTV's quality blend of entertainment, news and information has made it the #1 Bangladeshi channel in Bangladesh, America and around the world.
  RTV is a satellite Bangladeshi TV channel that has a rich blend of programs catering to a wide range of viewers. RTV telecasts live news bulletins, drama serials, talk shows, musical showcases, feature films, religious programs and much more.
Launched in December, 2005, Bangladesh's newest satellite TV channel is the entertainment-focused sister channel of NTV Bangla, which it will be in direct competition with to see who can produce the better channel.
STV is the first ethnic Bengali satellite tv station, and is renowned for its attempts to broadcast without prejudice, or political or social bias in any form. STVus strives to develop international harmony while promoting cultural heritage!

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