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Salma Rosey SALMA ROSEY is a model and actress. She is a graduate of the University of Illinois at Chicago with degrees in Biochemistry. She has been involved in modeling and acting since 2001 and has worked with some of the renowned drama makers of Bangladesh, including Humayun Ahmed, Masum Aziz, Shanta Islam, Shahiduzzaman Selim. She has also worked on local independent films. Check her official website @ www.salmarosey.com  
Bobby Zaman BOBBY ZAMAN is an actor and writer. He is a graduate of the University of Illinois at Chicago with degrees in English Literature and Theatre. He has been involved in Chicago theatre for almost a decade and has worked with some of the foremost theatre artists and companies. He has also worked on local independent films. In 2001 he launched ShakespeareInc Theatre, which produces classical theatre with strong emphasis on the works of Shakespeare, and other playwrights whose works have been influenced by the classics. His most recent theatre credits include the Chicago premiere of Omnium Gatherum with The Next Theatre Company. The play was short-listed for the Pulitzer Prize in 2004; and the title role in Hamlet with Keyhole Theatre Company in Chicago. Zaman is also a playwright and has written numerous scripts for the stage, which have been stage-read and produced locally. He is an active artist in the Chicago theatre community.
Fahmina Muhit Singer, Dancer, Model, Actress - born November 22nd in Dhaka. FAHMINA MUHIT began her career when she could barely reach the harmonium under Late Bedaruddin Ahmed. She carried on her singing career for almost 17 years before she found out she has an undying desire to learn modern dance. She was a student of �Jhankar� later. Fahmina won her national award (Bronze) dancing in Agnibina television competition. She was also a performer of the tv dance show Nritter Taale Taale stepping along with names like Nipa and Shibly. She was popular in school for being one of the best runway fashion models. A series of awards followed as Fahmina graduated from high school and started building her portfolio. She was awarded the best performer in singing, dancing, acting and college sports which led her to win the �All Rounder� award in 1988.

She is a high school graduate of a private school Vikarunnissa and later pursuit her education by coming to USA, early 1994 with a scholarship to attend one of the most prestigious universities, Illinois Institute of Technology (Accounting) for two years and then later changed her major and gained her degree in Interior Architecture in 2002 from Hanrrington IID after a long pause while she worked for some of the well known companies like The Pritzkers, Hyatt Regency Chicago and later as the Director of Special Events for SHE Events. Her recent event includes working with Manish Malhotra who designed clothes for movies like Kal Ho Na Ho, Baagban etc. In between her work and on going support for Bangladesh Association of Chicagoland, Bangladesh Association of Greater Chicagoland, Udashi Bangali, Ektara a local TV show etc Fahmina earned widespread praise for her performance when she started doing the local Chicago radio show as a News Caster and the Music Show Host for the multi lingual radio channel 1240AM where her knowledge of being fluent in five different languages came into play. She also attended Chicago�s Act One Studio to finish her classes in fundamental acting. Her lead role as �Jarina� in the drama �Ekhon Dushshomoy� by Abdullah Al Mamun, further enhanced her image as a solid actress on stage. The popularity only grew for the multi-talented actress when she had her first break in television in the drama �Ki Hoite Ki Hoilo� by Saiful Islam Mannu working with faces like Toukir Ahmed and Shomi Kaysar. She starred in dramas like �Swapno� and �Bhul Thikanay� by RNRV Productions and still a team member. She was also the model for M.A. Shoeb�s music video aired mid 2005. Fahmina was elected as a professional model at deshimodel.com. Some of her award winning performances include the dances �Aji Bangladesher Hridoy Hote�, �Durgomogiri Kantar Moru�, �Dola Dola� from Devdas, �Rang De� from Thankshak and many more. Fahmina is an ongoing performer for all the local associations to present Bangladesh in a foreign country. Her recent projects include a telefilm �Ja Thake Kopale� by Farhad Hossain of Chicago Bioscope where she is currently working as an Assistant Director.

Fahmina is a total daddy�s girl and her parents like to call her �Shan� which means �Pride� in Bengali. She has a sister who lives in Australia and a brother who lives in London. Among other things her most favorite hobby is to learn different cultures and languages.

Farhad Hossain
A hardworking community activist Farhad has been with Chicago Bioscope since December 2004 as a founder and became a major force of the company. A creator of award winning website of ChicagoBioscope.com, Farhad is in charge of the company's website and administering the site since its birth. He is also the writer, director and executive producer of most of the project of Chicago Bioscope.

The former Executive Secretary and Vice President- Cultural Affairs of Bangladesh Association of Chicagoland, Farhad has been playing different important role for CB as a writer, director, producer and executive producer. He also has starred in few projects and proved his acting abilities.

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