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Chicago Bioscope is a full service post production digital video film making and entertainment company that produces short film, teleplay, video film, music video, documentary, commercial and many more. 

Chicago Bioscope fulfills a range of needs from production management, scripting and design, directing, production and post-production and training and development. We offer broadcast, industrial, and educational clients outstanding professional service to meet demanding communication needs. 

Chicago Bioscope is committed to build a reputation for delivering leading edge creative digital production and discovering talented film makers and artists.

If you have a project or are curious about working with Chicago Bioscope, drop us a line. We promise to do the job professionally and efficiently. 

Partnering with communication and technical professionals of the highest caliber, Chicago Bioscope ensures creative products of outstanding quality.

Chicago Bioscope will foster the creative mind and push the boundaries of entertainment and arts projects and video film production both in technical, business and creative ways. We wish to tell stories that matter to the widest audience and enhance the reputation of the Bangladeshi film community of North America as well as Bangladesh.

Our mission is to provide complete digital video solutions to all of our clients. 

Our vision is to help our partners identify, articulate and communicate their vision.

Our vision is to help our Bangladeshi video/film makers and producers by providing intellectual and technical expertise to make their dream projects.   

We just don't shoot, we create. We make drama for life.

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